Pointe Shoe Fittings

We have been fitting pointe shoe for over 30 years and are known for our expert pointe shoe fittings. Repertoire’s knowledgeable staff takes pride in ensuring you will find exactly the right pointe shoe fit.

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About Renee Laverdiere,
Master Pointe Shoe Fitter

I approach a fitting with the knowledge of a professional dancer, a teacher and an expert fitter. Having danced professionally all over the world in ballet companies and musicals for 15 years, I have a complete understanding of how essential it is for a dancer to have the correct pointe shoes.  For the past 25 years, I have taught ballet and pointe classes to both children and adults. I have seen first hand how difficult and painful it is for a student to dance when their pointe shoes do not fit properly.

Having had two foot operations prior to my professional career I have personally experienced the consequences of improper pointe shoe fittings. With the technological development of the pointe shoes and the numerous manufacturers available on the market today, it is inexcusable for someone to be fitted improperly. At Repertoire we carry 12 manufacturers and over 30 styles of pointe shoes. In a fitting, I take the whole dancer into consideration—I evaluate the readiness of each dancer and the formation and strength of their feet. All of my staff undergo many months of intensive training by me personally before they begin fittings.

There is a learning curve to finding the perfect shoe and we are here to listen and take care of all your pointe shoe needs.

Fun Fact! Renee has been the official pointe shoe fitter for Westchester Ballet Company since 2020.

For 1st Time Pointe Shoe Fittings:

Congratulations on being approved for pointe! Fitting appointments for beginners are a must. Your first pointe shoe fitting is very special, and we want to give you the full Repertoire experience! We’re so excited about your accomplishment and want to take the time to teach you how to sew and care for both your shoes and your feet.

Teachers and Directors: for multiple students going up on pointe at once call (1-914-722-2440) ahead or email to book our private pointe shoe fitting parties.

Everything you need to know for your first pointe fitting:

  1. Before getting pointe shoes, you MUST have the approval of your ballet teacher. Pointe shoes are not for beginner ballet students!
  2. Please consult with your teacher beforehand for specific suggestions about pointe shoe brands and toe pads.
  3. Please allow 60 minutes for your first pointe shoe fitting. It is to your benefit to try several different kinds of shoes before we find one that is right for you. Every foot and every dancer is different.
  4. Wear a pair of tights if possible and something you can move in.
  5. Make sure your toenails are trimmed, but try not to cut them the day of the fitting, as this can cause sensitivity and will affect your perception of the fit.

In-Person Appointments

Appointments are highly recommended—you can call (914-722-2440) or book online for in store or virtual pointe shoe fitting. We offer walk-in fittings on a first come basis. Repertoire Dance Shop has the largest selection of pointe shoes in the greater New York and Connecticut area.

Virtual Appointments

How it works:

  1. During your first appointment we access your feet. Please allow 15 to 30 minutes for the appointment. If you have an old pair of shoes you will be asked to put them on. Recommendations will be made as to what pointe shoes should be purchased for the next part of the fitting.
  2. You will be charged for all pointe shoes that are sent to you. (After fitting you will receive a refund for any shoes you return and only charged for what you keep.)
  3. Once you receive the shoes, please schedule your follow up appointment. Please allow 30 to 45 minutes depending on how many shoes we shipped you. During this fitting you might want your teacher or a friend to hold the phone for the zoom session. At this time we decide on what fits best. You keep what works best and send back what doesn’t work. You will receive a refund once we receive the pointe shoes that you send back.

*There is an additional $35 charge for the virtual pointe shoe fittings

Studio Group Pointe Fittings:

Repertoire Dance offers exclusive after hour pointe shoe fittings for your studio. Here's how it works:

  1. If you have a group of six or more students who are going on pointe at any time during the upcoming year, book online using the "In-person Appointments" link above or call us at 914-722-2440 to schedule an exclusive after hours event (offered both during the week and weekends).
  2. Each dancer in the group will be scheduled for a 20 to 30 minutes appointment.
  3. Dancers feet will be evaluated and we always apprecate teachers recommendations for each student.

We offer 10% off on pointe shoes purchased during the event. Free gift at purchase of pointe shoes.

Your students have worked hard for this special day and Repertoire wants to make it a memorable day for both you and your students. This is also an opportunity for the teachers and students to explore a large variety of manufacturers and the fit of the most current pointe shoe styles

Bulk Pointe Shoe Discount:

If you purchase 2 to 3 pairs at the same time, you get a 10% discount.

If you purchase 4 or more pairs at the same time, you get a 15% discount.

*Shoes may be exchanged within 60 days of purchase